In Your Field, Dirt Is a Valuable Asset; In Your Fuel, It’s a Damaging Liability

Cim-Tek Nozzle Shield

Protecting your equipment from dirty diesel just got a whole lot easier.

Bement, IL (June 13, 2017) - Cim-Tek® Filtration, a leading developer of fuel and hydraulic filters and accessories, today announced the release of Nozzle Shield, the world’s first nozzle cover built to protect diesel nozzles. Nozzle Shield provides a simple, durable solution for preventing dirt and debris from adhering to diesel nozzles and being pumped into fuel tanks.

“With the onset of Tier IV regulations, ULSD, and Bio-Diesel blends, the need for clean diesel is at an all-time high. We continuously strive to find new ways to help our customers protect their fuel supply,” said Martin Rund, Product Manager. “While working with customers and in the field, we recognized that diesel nozzles are often treated as an afterthought and left in the dirt or in a contaminated area. This creates a potentially catastrophic issue when we consider that even miniscule debris can cause extensive damage to today’s engines.”

Today’s HPCR (High Pressure Common Rail) engines require diesel cleanliness levels like never before. The contamination that would have been acceptable in the past can cause large-scale, expensive damage to today’s engines. While many think that filtration systems on equipment provide enough protection, the reality is that it is essential to be proactive at every step of the fuel handling process.

Nozzle Shield covers approximately 4.5 inches of the nozzle for maximum protection and features a tether for convenience and retention. It is easy to clean and maintain and was designed to withstand the seasons. “We hope that by providing solutions to the current shortcomings in the fuel handling process, we can increase awareness about the importance of clean fuel and equip our customers with the tools they need for optimal protection. Nozzle Shield is a great addition to our product line to help meet this goal,” Rund explained.

About Cim-Tek® Filtration
Cim-Tek® Filtration leads the field in developing state-of-the-art filters for the petroleum, industrial, agricultural, and biofuel markets. Having worked in these industries for over 60 years, Cim-Tek® Filtration has gained an unparalleled breadth of expertise in fluid filtration applications. The team strives to provide customers with the best protection from fluid contamination around the world. For more information, please visit

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