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Petroleum Filtration Products

Cim-Tek® Filtration is at the forefront of innovating advanced filters for the petroleum industry. Within our line of Petroleum products, you can find a selection of spin-on dispenser filters, housings, replacement elements, and high-flow housings with capacities ranging from 0 to 500 gallons per minute. Each item is offered in various filtration media and micron levels.

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Yard & Farm Products

Cim-Tek® offers a wide assortment of products to meet your agricultural filtration needs. Specifically designed for above-ground fuel storage and transfer tanks, our Yard and Farm Filters are ideal for gravity flow applications. These products are available in various micron ratings and media types, such as Cellulose, Microglass, and Hydrosorb®. Flow rates of 25 or 40 GPM are available on some models.

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Industrial Filtration Products

The Cim-Tek industrial product line includes hydraulic filters, mounting adaptors, and compressor filters for various oils and fluids. Choose from media options like Cellulose, Hydrosorb, Microglass, and Wire Mesh to match specific filtration needs. Filters come in different flow rates, lengths, sizes, and thread types for various applications. Mounting adaptors are available for hydraulic filters.

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Private Labeling

Cim-Tek® can create custom labeled filters to fit your needs, incorporating your brand at a great price. We handle small orders and offer design services for your filter labels.

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