Petroleum Filtration Products

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Petroleum Filters

Fuel Dispenser Filters

When it comes to fuel dispensers, Cim-Tek® offers a wide selection of filters for various filtration applications—from Particulate and Water Detection to Detection of Phase Separation. Furthermore, Cim-Tek offers Cellulose, Microglass, and Hydroglass media with a micron range of 2μm-30μm. Most filters are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories (UL®) for use with service station pumps and dispensers.

Petroleum Adaptors

Petroleum Adaptors

Cim-Tek Petroleum Mounting Adaptors are available in aluminum and cast iron. These adaptors are specifically designed to work with Cim-Tek petroleum filters and include features like gauge ports and bypasses.

Commercial Fueling Centurion Products

Commercial Fueling Filters

The Centurion and 800 Series filters are designed for various fuel types like gasoline, diesel, ethanol blends up to 10%, biodiesel up to B100, and ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD). These filters can achieve a maximum flow rate of 90 gallons per minute (gpm). Media options include Cellulose and Microglass for particulate removal, and Hydrosorb for water and particulate removal. The 800 Series filters also feature a pre-lubricated seal for easier installation and proper lubrication.

High Flow Filtration Viking Products

High Flow Filtration

Crafted from carbon steel and able to handle a maximum flow range up to 500gpm, Viking high-flow housings are optimized for high-flow applications and compatible with a wide range of fluids including gasoline, ethanol blends up to E15, biodiesel blends up to B100, diesel fuel, ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and fuel oils.  Vikings are also compatible with industrial fluids such as lube, gear, hydraulic, and synthetic oils.  Gauge kits are available if you want to monitor operating pressure.

Petroleum Accessories

Petroleum Accessories

Cim-Tek petroleum accessories are specifically crafted to assist in maintaining the cleanliness of fuel. Our range of accessories aid in the upkeep of the system.

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