fuel filters

Cim-Tek® fuel filters are specially designed to capture particulate contaminates like dirt, dust, and rust, boosting fuel efficiency and helping to prevent pump wear, premature engine wear, and injector clogs. We offer a variety of sizes to match the most popular heavy duty engines and equipment in service today.

Part #: 71200

Baldwin: BF7587

Donaldson: P551311

Fleetguard: FF5319

Luber-Finer: LFF2749

Wix: 33674


Part #: 71201

Baldwin: BF5810

Donaldson: P556916

Fleetguard: FF5206

Luber-Finer: LFP816FN

Wix: 33120 


Part #: 71202

Baldwin: BF5800

Donaldson: P556915

Fleetguard: FF5207

Luber-Finer: LFP815FN

Wix: 33118


Part #: 71203

Baldwin: BF7760

Donaldson: P552203

Fleetguard: FF2203

Luber-Finer: LFF2203

Wix: 33691

Part #: 71204

Baldwin: BF7940


Fleetguard: FF5632

Luber-Finer: LFF5632

Wix: 33966

Part #: 71205

Baldwin: BF9575

Donaldson: P550105

Fleetguard: FF105

Luber-Finer: LFF5

Wix: 33109


Part #: 71217

Baldwin: BF7633

Donaldson: P551313

Fleetguard: FF5320

Luber-Finer: LFF3347

Wix: 33528

Part #: 71224

Baldwin: BF7924

Donaldson: P550879

Fleetguard: FF5636


Wix: 33936

Part #: 71228

Baldwin: BF955

Donaldson: P550115

Fleetguard: FF5012

Luber-Finer: LFF2

Wix: 24006

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